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-Yves Saint Laurent

Monday, May 2, 2011

Rags to Riches

An eco fashion designer and artist, Luis Valenzuela takes the saying "one persons trash is anothers treasure" to a whole other level.  His sustainable design go from waste materials to fabulous eco-couture.  His ability to create these gorgeous pieces through recycling trash is truly an inspiration and a fashion forward step into a more green, eco-conscious world.  A truly skilled artist, check him out at  My faves are the ones inspired by Frida, Dali and Anselm about you?

Gown from Recycled Soccer Balls and flags from around the World

Gown from recycled backout fabric

Gown from recycled upholstery fabrics and organic silk, inspired by the master in art’s Anselm Keifer.

Gown from recycled casement fabrics and plastic, inspired by the masters in architecture Herzog and De Meuron.

Gown from recycled casement silk from lampshades and paper, inspired by the masters in architecture Frank Gehry.

Gown from recycled paper

Gown from recycled silk from lampshades, inspired by the master in art’s Georgia O'Keefe.

Gown from recycled plastic bags

Gown from recycled fabrics, inspired by the master in art’s Salvador Dali

Gown from recycled paper, inspired by the master in art’s Frida Kahlo.
Gown from recycled Tuxedo pants and organic silk inspired by the master in art’s Louis Bourgeois.


  1. I really like what he makes, I specially like the white dresses.
    Thank you for your comment and for visiting ;) I follow you.

  2. the white dresses are gorgeous :)

  3. Wow these dresses are so creative and interesting. Thanks for sharing!


  4. I love it when designers actually make something beautiful out of trash. What can I say I'm an eco junkie.
    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage

  5. thanks for the follow and amazing eco friendly pieces!


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